Flights, Arrivals & Departures at Split Airport

Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Rijeka (RJK) SprintAir C3821 (1) 11:40 Scheduled
Rijeka (RJK) Croatia Airlines OU5258 11:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Croatia Airlines OU413 (8) 13:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Air Canada AC2973 13:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Air India AI7513 13:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Asiana Airlines OZ9379 13:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) LOT LO4303 13:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH6004 13:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) SAS SK9303 13:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Singapore Airlines SQ2425 13:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) United Airlines UA7260 13:40 Scheduled
Dubrovnik (DBV) SprintAir C3822 (1) 14:15 Scheduled
Dubrovnik (DBV) Croatia Airlines OU5259 14:15 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Croatia Airlines OU4439 (6) 15:20 Delayed
Munich (MUC) Air Canada AC2999 15:20 Delayed
Munich (MUC) LOT LO4305 15:20 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH5992 15:20 Delayed
Munich (MUC) Singapore Airlines SQ2421 15:20 Delayed
Munich (MUC) TAP Air Portugal TP6869 15:20 Delayed
Munich (MUC) United Airlines UA7262 15:20 Delayed
Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU380 (3) 15:25 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Austrian Airlines OS8411 15:25 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) ITA Airways AZ7019 15:25 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Lufthansa LH5976 15:25 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU654 (2) 15:50 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Austrian Airlines OS8415 15:50 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Lufthansa LH5974 15:50 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Croatia Airlines OU381 (2) 19:10 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ7020 19:10 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) TAP Air Portugal TP6875 19:10 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU656 (3) 22:00 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Austrian Airlines OS8409 22:00 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) LOT LO4301 22:00 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Turkish Airlines TK8038 22:00 Scheduled
Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU651 (2) 06:50 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Austrian Airlines OS8412 06:50 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Turkish Airlines TK8045 06:50 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Croatia Airlines OU4438 (6) 07:30 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Air Canada AC2998 07:30 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) LOT LO4306 07:30 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH5993 07:30 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Singapore Airlines SQ2420 07:30 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) TAP Air Portugal TP6871 07:30 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) United Airlines UA7261 07:30 Scheduled
Dubrovnik (DBV) SprintAir C3821 (1) 12:10 Scheduled
Dubrovnik (DBV) Croatia Airlines OU5258 12:10 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Croatia Airlines OU412 (7) 14:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Air India AI7512 14:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Asiana Airlines OZ9380 14:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) LOT LO4304 14:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH6005 14:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) SAS SK9302 14:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Singapore Airlines SQ2424 14:40 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) TAP Air Portugal TP6870 14:40 Scheduled
Rijeka (RJK) SprintAir C3822 (1) 14:45 Scheduled
Rijeka (RJK) Croatia Airlines OU5259 14:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Croatia Airlines OU380 (2) 16:05 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ7019 16:05 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) TAP Air Portugal TP6874 16:05 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU655 (3) 16:10 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Austrian Airlines OS8410 16:10 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) LOT LO4302 16:10 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Turkish Airlines TK8037 16:10 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU381 (1) 19:50 Scheduled
Zagreb (ZAG) ITA Airways AZ7020 19:50 Scheduled

Flying To and From Split Airport

This page provides information about the destinations that can be reached via Split Airport.

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In August 2023, Split Airport saw a 1% increase in passenger numbers compared to the same month in 2019, a pre-pandemic benchmark.