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All visitors arriving at Split Airport have several transfer options that can take them to their further destination. You will not only find rental cars and taxis, but you can also take public transportation, which includes different bus options. There is no train station at Split Airport, however, passengers can choose to combine the bus and train service when traveling to their further destination.

Train Service - Kaštel Stari train station

Split Airport does not have a direct train link to the surrounding area. However, passengers can take one of the combined bus and train connections from the airport, which will take you to the city center. 

If you choose the combined bus and train option to get between Split Airport and the city center of Split you will only need a single ticket. From the airport, you will be traveling to the Kaštel Stari train station by bus, and then continue your journey by train to the Split train station, located close to the ferry port. The buses leave from the airport Monday to Sunday from 06:25 am and trains leave from Kaštel Stari train station daily from 06:52 am. There are 8 buses and 8 trains per day from Monday to Friday and 7 buses and 7 trains on weekends.

The total journey will take you approximately 40 minutes. The tickets cost 25 HRK per person.